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Pierson Plays the Pops

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Pierson band practices for pop concert
Today, November 6, the music students of Pierson High School will put on a free Pop Concert in the school auditorium and the community is invited.
High school band teacher, Eric Reynolds, and high school music teacher, Suzanne Nicoletti, worked together to present a concert where the students could choose the music. The teachers said on Monday they believe it must be the popular TV show, “American Idol” that is giving the students such a deep interest in performing songs of their own.
“This is completely student driven,” Nicoletti explained on Monday. “These are songs the kids have on their ipods.”
Nicoletti added that although the kids put on a concert every year in December, that music is chosen by the teachers. This concert will give the students the opportunity to play familiar music and they are also allowing any musicians in the high school – grades 9 to 12 — to take part.
Reynolds said that everyone in the high school was invited to participate — including staff — and although he could not confirm which staff members would participate, he did promise that there would be some great performances that night.
For the high school band, there will be a saxophone feature and group performances. In the chorus, there will be a few solos, and group songs. Both music teachers hinted they would also be performing.
Reynolds said that the kids are normally taught classical music, but when they are taught songs that they recognize, it makes more sense to them.
“When we teach them familiar songs, it clicks,” Reynolds said.
“It helps to show our students’ personalities,” Nicoletti said. “You can really see the likes and dislikes of the students.”
Both teachers agree that participation in theater is huge at Pierson, and said this is why allowing the students to perform in this type of concert will be good for their development as individuals.
Tonight’s performances will include everything from Coldplay’s song “Clocks,” Christina Aguilera’s “Save Me from Myself” and Michael Jackson’s “Will You be There.”
At rehearsals on Monday afternoon, the students were excited as they patiently waited their turn to use the stage in the auditorium.
“I’m really excited,” said junior Celia Gianis, a singer. “Of all the concerts, this will be the best one, because you get to pick what we do and it’s important to have a choice in what we sing.”
Senior Lauren Kelloff, a chorus singer, said she too was excited. “It’s a better way to express yourself. This way we can even make alterations to the song we choose to sing.”
“I’m doing a song,” added Katie Hand, a sophomore. “But I’m doing it the way I want.”