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Harbor Heights Sales Have “Broken Records” In Lead-Up To Storm

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Harbor Heights adjusted

That was what Harbor Heights gas station owner John Leonard declared yesterday, August 26 as a steady stream of about a dozen cars flowed through the station.  Thousands of East End residents have flocked to gas stations in the last couple days, filling up tanks as a recommended precaution in the lead-up to Hurricane Irene, which is expected to hit Long Island full-force tomorrow, Sunday

The station has been so busy, in fact, Leonard said on Friday “I’ve been working here for the past two days non-stop!

He added that the station received a new truckload of 1,9200 gallons of fuel today, Saturday, and has already scheduled another 1,9200-load to replenish the station’s stock on Monday, after the storm is expected to have left the East End.  While the Getty station on the Bridgehampton/Sag Harbor Turnpike ran out of fuel late Thursday afternoon, Leonard said his station was ready for the barrage of vehicles that has remained a constant at his station.

“We were prepared,” he said.  Have been through several hurricanes himself in Florida, Leonard anticipated the gas-pump rush.  “I had my orders in on Tuesday for the week.”

The tail end of the week saw multi-car lineups at gas stations in both East Hampton and Southampton Towns, subjecting some drivers to 20-minute waits to get to the pump, and prompting others into verbal altercations with other drivers.

Leanoard said, as of Friday, there have been no known altercations at his gas station.  Though he did say one young man nearly stirred up a bit of trouble Friday morning when he tried to jump the line; however, the situation was abated before the gloves came off.