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Girl’s JV Finishes 50/50

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The Pierson girl’s Junior Varsity Basketball team showed improvement throughout the season — even though they dealt with a number of setbacks.
“We improved a great deal, especially the first year JV players,” Coach Haley Luzim said on Monday.
Those first year JV players included Ryan Duffy, Sam Kamper, Rachel Saidman, Nina Hemby and Amber Pagano.
Luzim said that this year’s biggest challenge, however, were the injuries and illnesses.
“Our leading guards, Sariah Cafiero, Emily Hinz and Catherine O’Brien battled knee problems,” the coach said. She also said that Duffy and Pagano missed a few weeks at the beginning of the season due to broken fingers as well.
Luzim said that the team’s “strong, tough forward,” Nina Hemby, broke her finger at the end of the season and that also added to their struggles.
Not only did Duffy break a finger, but she also got a concussion, (not while playing) and that caused her to miss the end of the season.
Other than the numerous instances with the injuries, Luzim said that the girl’s played well.
She said she was “pleasantly surprised” by their most recent game against Stony Brook – the last game of the season.
“The girl’s put everything we worked on this season together in one game. They played phenomenally,” she said.
Overall, the JV team can credit themselves with six wins and six losses to close out the season.
Another player, with no injuries to report this season was Cynthia Alvarez, who was great on rebounding, according to the coach.