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More Room At The Inn?

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The owners of the Sag Harbor Inn, the Egosi family, are planning a 75-unit expansion to the West Water Street inn, a restaurant, and possibly a 20-unit moderately priced apartment building on an adjacent Long Island Avenue parcel in the near future.

On Tuesday, Nathaniel Egosi, vice president of the family business, stressed that while his family did have plans for an expansion soon, they were weighing all the other development projects in the village, including the KeySpan-National Grid remediation on Long Island Avenue, before moving forward with any plans. That being said, Egosi added timing wise they have submitted the concept to the Sag Harbor Board of Trustees because of the recent zoning revision, which as currently proposed reduces the family’s ability to expand.

“The reason we own the land, we have kept the land and we have not sold the hotel – and that is important – is we have the full intention soon to expand and continue our succession plan of passing on our business through the family.”

On Monday, during a board of trustees work session on the proposed code, Egosi approached the board, asking if they had received a submission by the family’s attorney William Esseks regarding their intentions for the future of the property. Egosi said the proposed density regulations in the draft code for the Resort/Motel district – of which his is one of a handful of properties – were substantially too low. Under the current code, said Egosi on Wednesday, his property is zoned to allow 35 units per acre. Under the proposed code, he would be limited to 15 units per acre. It is Egosi’s hope the village will consider his plan and change the zoning to 30 units per acre.

Esseks’ submission to the board included a letter from Egosi outlining their expansion plans for the Sag Harbor Inn. It proposed a 75-room addition to the inn on the 2.6 acre parcel, as well as a 20-unit multiple dwelling on an adjacent 1.5 acres. According to Egosi, a complete engineering analysis has been performed and the project would meet all setback, parking and height requirements. The 75-unit hotel will boast 125 parking spaces under Egosi’s plan, in addition to the 55 spaces the inn already has. The setback to West Water Street is over 100 feet, noted Egosi.

On the remaining three lots the family owns, which comprise 1.5 acres, the Egosi’s proposed a multiple family dwelling of 20 units with 40 parking spaces.

“The purpose of that document was to explain to the village board that the proposed zoning in the new code that the board is considering is inappropriate for the use of that land,” explained Egosi.

Under the proposed code the 15 units per acre density requirement would limit his family to 45 units, he explained, while under the current code they would be allowed to construct 85 units. The change, he said, effectively devalues the property.

“It also takes away the opportunity for more hotel space in the village,” said Egosi, noting hotels are different from the average business when it comes to the village services it requires.

“We have 55 parking spaces,” he noted. “We have more parking spaces on our property than Main Street from the launderette to Apple Bank on one side … We are the ideal setup because we bring the traffic to Main Street with people, not cars.”

Egosi added the Sag Harbor Inn is a year-round, family run business that brings customers into the village through every season – not just the summer.

He said there was no economic justification to building a hotel on the 1.5-acre parcel, and sees the multiple family dwellings a transition between a commercial and residential section of the village. Egosi said the units would be mid-range in price, not the luxury condos seen elsewhere in the village.

“What we want to do is be able to preserve the ability to do this,” said Egosi, stressing the family would only seek the expansion when the timing was right down the road, after projects like the KeySpan-National Grid remediation is completed.

Above: The Sag Harbor Inn on West Water Street. (r odell-shapiro photo)