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Headley Studio Plans Revamped

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By Kathryn G. Menu

Following a determination by Sag Harbor Village Building Inspector Tim Platt, Natasha Esch, the newest owner of the former Headley Studio on Madison Street in Sag Harbor, has re-designed plans to consolidate two existing retail spaces into one

Esch had hoped to take two existing retail spaces and a one bedroom, first floor apartment and create a 1,990 square foot retail space. The plans also called for the creation of a mezzanine space on the second floor for the retail shop, carved out of a second story apartment, which would have been reduced into an efficiency apartment.

However, those plans hinged on Esch being allowed to expand into a deck area on the rear of the building without exceeding the square footage limits, and this week, Platt said the plan would not meet setback requirements laid out in the village code if the deck was included.

Esch’s attorney, Miles Anderson, said he was “quite startled” by Platt’s memo in that building permits were issued for the deck and no less than two certificate of occupancies have been given to property owners since the deck was erected.

“We came to the conclusion rather than fight it out with the board of appeals, the sensible thing would be to revise the plan around it,” said Anderson at a planning board meeting on Tuesday, December 28.

Instead, Esch proposed a similar plan, building a second story on an existing first story portion of the building with an additional two-story addition on the north of the building. An extended patio is also a part of the design, which Anderson said Platt was amenable to.

New plans show a 1,972 square foot retail space on the first floor and in the mezzanine area of the second floor with a 542 square foot efficiency apartment on the second floor.

While Sag Harbor Village Planning Consultant Rich Warren asked to take time to review the plans before the board makes a determination, because the plan complies with the code and is under 3,000 square feet in size, board member Greg Ferraris said it could be waived from planning board approval under the new village code.

The project will be revisited at the board’s January 25 meeting.

In other planning board news, the board will not sign off on the environmental review of the proposed plan to expand the John Jermain Memorial Library until its January 25 meeting, after board members have time to review a resolution drafted by village attorney Anthony Tohill, who was absent from the meeting.

Renovation May Lead to Gallery

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By Marissa Maier

Situated on Madison Street in Sag Harbor between the Methodist Church parking lot and Il Cappuccino restaurant, is a modest building that houses two apartments and two retail spaces. That building, the longtime home of Headley Studio, is currently on the market for $1.85 million and it’s possible that the space could be transformed into an art gallery with a single apartment above it.
Michael Minkoff, a contractor based in Washington, D.C., presented renovation plans for the 40 Madison Street building to the Sag Harbor Board of Historic Preservation and Architectural Review (ARB) on Monday, January 12. Minkoff is the contractor owner of the space, meaning that he has the building under contract but has not yet purchased it. He is acting as a conduit between Stephen Hadley, the current owner, and prospective buyers — the unnamed owners of an art gallery in New York City who have expressed interest in purchasing the space.
Minkoff presented plans that would reduce the number of certificate of occupancies to two — one for a 1,500 square foot retail space and one for a three-bedroom apartment on the second floor. Currently the building has four certificates of occupancy for two apartments and two retail spaces — one of which is just 300 square feet.
In order to heighten the viability of the retail space, Minkoff believes it is necessary to consolidate the two ground floor spaces into one.
Minkoff’s plans include knocking out a street level door, which leads to the current ground floor apartment, redoing the storefront by adding large, open window panes, and a rear addition over a second floor dormer. Minkoff also plans to build a pool. During the ARB meeting, Minkoff added that there is a possibility of adding a sculpture garden outside in the back of the property.
“I put a lot of effort into this storefront,” said Minkoff. “I believe it meets all of the pyramid and zoning requirements.”
ARB member Michael Mensch said the plans were a “big improvement” over the bulding’s current use. Mensch pointed out, however, that the board was missing two members and that in order for Minkoff to receive full ARB feedback he should return to the board on Monday, January 26. The next day, Minkoff will visit the village’s planning board to pursue an exemption from the temporary construction moratorium in the village.