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On the Loose

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As we mark the one year anniversary of the murder of 100-year-old Jessie Burke, we are left with as many questions now as we had on the day of the murder. That’s because this is a case that remains unsolved.

The story goes that Burke was shot in her home in a quiet North Haven neighborhood during the middle of the day while her daughter was out running errands. But in the 12 months since Burke’s death, Suffolk County Homicide, which is handling the case, has offered up precious little new information about the crime. They appear to be doing even less to solve it.

But the facts remain — an elderly woman was murdered in her home with a handgun. There has been no information offered by police as to whether or not that weapon was ever found. As far as we know, both the gun as well as the individual who pulled the trigger, remain at large to this day.

Shortly after the murder, the nervous citizens of North Haven were reassured by police and told there was no reason to worry and to go about their business. And that’s where the investigation and the story stops. A year later, the members of the community remain confused, unsettled and, in fact, uneasy about their neighborhood. And who can blame them?

The homicide detectives have done nothing to make the people of North Haven feel any more secure than they did a year ago. No updates, no reassurances and, most importantly, no arrests.

Until someone is in custody the facts remain — a murderer is indeed on the loose.