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Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel Plan to Crash Sag Harbor’s WLNG 92.1 FM

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Jimmy Fallon pitches the idea of crashing WLNG to Billy Joel on "The Tonight Show" Thursday, March 20. NBC Universal.

Jimmy Fallon pitches the idea of crashing WLNG to Billy Joel on “The Tonight Show” Thursday. NBC Universal.

By Tessa Raebeck

Rusty Potz, Chuck Mackin and all the WLNG DJs will be on their toes this summer, as Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon could be dropping into the station at any moment.

On “The Tonight Show” Thursday, Mr. Fallon asked Mr. Joel to join him in crashing Sag Harbor’s oldies station WLNG 92.1 and the singer, a longtime resident of Sag Harbor, enthusiastically agreed.

WLNG  president and "Morning Show" host Gary Sapiane.

WLNG president and “Morning Show” host Gary Sapiane. WLNG 92.1 FM.

“There’s this radio station out in the Hamptons, by Sag Harbor I think,” Mr. Fallon said, prompting a quick response from Mr. Joel: “WLNG.”

“WLNG,” Mr. Fallon nodded. “Plays oldies all the time, doo-wop. I was always wanting to just crash that radio station, just go in and just co-host with the guy.”

Mr. Joel, who has been a guest on the local station several times in the past, appeared on “The Tonight Show” to promote his new gig on Sirius XM. He will host the aptly named “Billy Joel Channel” for three months starting Wednesday, March 26.

“They’ve got the echo,” he said to Mr. Fallon, clearly familiar with the Sag Harbor station. “Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi.”

“Fantastic,” agreed Mr. Fallon, “it’s a great station. But you’re out there? You’re out there a lot. Would you ever want to crash the radio station with me?”

“Absolutely. We’ve gotta go at night, when they least expect it,” Mr. Joel said, spoiling any hopes that the duo stop by “Swap & Shop.”

WLNG has been keeping the oldies strong on the East End for over 50 years, but rarely has it seen such widespread national recognition. The celebrities plugged the small station in front of a nationwide audience—11.3 million viewers tuned into Jimmy Fallon’s first show in February and over four million were still watching last week— resulting in a flood of listeners and website traffic for WLNG today, president Gary Sapiane told The Southampton Press.

“All right WLNG, look out,” Mr. Fallon said on the live show, “We’re going to be crashing that station, Billy Joel and I. This summer, we’re coming after you guys.”

A clip of Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel’s plan can be found on YouTube.