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It’s Haze and Osprey-Breakwater Yacht Club

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Last Wednesday the Breakwater Yacht Club Summer Cup Series continued its season, with a clutch victory by Purple Haze, piloted by Lee Oldak and Dan Kalish. They took the Division I race with a corrected time of 1:53.43. Donald Filipelli’s “Caminos” took second with a time of 1:53:58, followed by Bruce Tait’s Buckaroo, which crossed with a time of 1:57:10. Bud Rogers’ “Big Boat” came in fourth. Jim Vos’ “Skoot” came in fifth, followed by Steve Kenny and Greg Ames’ “Gossip”, with Wayne & Carol Morse’s “Roxanne” in last.

In Division II, George Martin’s “Osprey” took first place, with a corrected time of 1:55:02, beating out second place Scott Gaeckle’s “Kingfisher” by a full minute. In third place were Jim Smyth and Derrick Galen’s “White Lightning” with a time of 1:56:41. David Betts and Charlene Kagel’s “Instant Karma” took fourth. Mark Webber and Matt Ivans’ “Loki” took fifth, followed by Chris DiSunno in “Swans’ Way”, Barry Browning in “Skidip!”, B. Dinsmore and J. Worthing in “Ridin’ Point” and Jody LoCascio in “Boogie Van”.

Pair Scores in Rowing Competition

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On Saturday March 7, Charles (Max) McIntosh and Lee Oldak, representing the Ross School and Sag Harbor Community Rowing respectively, attended the OLMA Sprints indoor erg Rowing Event at Our Lady of Mercy Academy in Syosset.

More than 12 Long Island High Schools attended with over 150 athletes participating. Twelve rowers would participate in each heat and the races were projected on to a large screen for all to see. Each race was 2000 meters, which takes anywhere from six to 10 minutes. Most experienced high school racers are in the 7 – 8 min range.

This was McIntosh’s first race which puts him into the Novice Division and he placed third with a time of 7:31.

Most of these high school events also offer a Masters Division and Lee Oldak placed 2nd in his age group with a time of 7:41

On the water rowing will start April 16 and Sag Harbor Community Rowing will be offering programs for Pierson High School and the Ross School on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 3:30 – 5:30 p.m.