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Letters, November 18, 2010

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Fans, Firefighters & Field Hockey Players

Dear Editor:

Congratulations Lady Whalers on your Class C Championship Victory!

Tuesday night’s victory game at Ward Melville was a great night of field hockey with an incredible show of fan support from the Pierson students and Sag Harbor community. It was terrific to see so many fans supporting the girls team. Thank you to the school district for providing a spectator bus so that Pierson students could support their classmates.

I wanted to give a special thanks to our local firefighters who made the day especially poignant for me. I began Tuesday morning saying farewell to my grandfather, a former volunteer firefighter. The Springs Fire Department escorted his body from the funeral home, past the Springs Fire Department and on to the cemetery. I ended the night with the Sag Harbor Fire Department escorting the Pierson Field Hockey team down Main St. in full celebration with lights flashing, sirens blaring and horns honking! It was an amazing moment that I’m sure the girls will never forget. Thanks so much to all the firefighters who made the day so special in so many ways.


Kristin L. Davey

Varisty Field Hockey Parent


Preservation Legislation

To the Editor:

I want to congratulate all those who turned out at Southampton Town Hall for the public hearing on Nov. 9 to discuss giving the Landmarks & Historic Districts Board the ability to approve and deny demolition requests. Contrary to the implications of the article covering the hearing, there were actually many more who spoke in favor of the proposed legislation than in opposition and I am hopeful for the same at the next on Nov. 30 at 6 p.m. Here is some food for thought in the meantime:

“Extensive and precious as they are, our property rights have never been – and are not now – absolute. Like most other rights, property rights are tempered by responsibilities. The U.S. Constitution does not give property owners the right to abuse the land or to use their property in a way that hurts others. Indeed, zoning-based restrictions on land use were first created to protect the property rights and values of property owners against the potentially harmful actions of other property owners.” – National Trust for Historic Preservation

“In 1887 the Supreme Court held that “all property in this country is held under an implied obligation that the owner’s use of it shall not be injurious to the community.”……The Constitution strikes an appropriate balance between an individual’s property rights and community rights. The courts should not jeopardize community protections in the name of private practice.” – Op-ed, Washington Post, 9/12/1999, Tim Dowling

“Historic preservation is at the very heart of our nation’s most vibrant economic development and business attraction programs. From Southern California examples such as Old Pasadena or San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, to traditional, historic southern cities such as Charleston or Savannah, to the recent boom in heritage tourism, today’s economic development strategies no longer see preservation and business development as competing values.” – Los Angeles Conservancy

In essence, preservation endeavors benefit the community by being green, creating the possibility of tax credits, creating jobs, stimulating the economy, and inspiring pride of place. This proposed code amendment will take our town one step closer towards being in-line with the preservation values reflected in the town’s comprehensive plan and with municipalities across America. Across Long Island, 11 out of 14 towns already include this type of process. While additional amendments are needed, this first step could prove to be the beginning of a momentum coinciding with our country’s re-assessment of what’s important upon the aftermath of over-development.

Sally Spanburgh

Member, Town of Southampton Landmarks & Historic Districts Board


Broadway Success

To the Editor:

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the many who made our “Broadway In Concert” a huge success!

We are so grateful to the Pierson administration, Board of Education and taxpayers for allowing the theatre program to continue as we all struggle with this economy. In an effort to raise the funds necessary to mount two large musical productions each year and to work toward our goal of eventually becoming self-sufficient, we planned a few fundraisers to that end. Our first was the many tiny faces painted by many student hands at the Harborfest in September; the second was our Broadway in Concert Revue.

On Oct 8, 12 talented vocalists, including a few Pierson students, alumni and area theatre veterans, gathered to present a revue of selections from more than 25 musicals to a very receptive and appreciative audience at Bay Street Theatre.

Rather than simply asking for donations or trying to sell you something you may not need or want, we decided to give you a little of what you are supporting — a performance. The caliber of talent showcased for our more than 100 guests was echoed by the audiences’ standing ovation and the expression of accomplishment on the performers’ faces. Thank you all for taking the time to share this event and support us. Many, many thanks to those amazing vocalists who shared so freely of their time and talent. Thank you to the Sag Harbor Express and especially Annette Hinkle, for always finding room for us in this publication with such wonderful coverage. And thanks so very much to Bay Street Theatre, Gary Hygom and staff for the more than generous use of not just the space, but giving their time and expertise with the lighting and sound. Even though they are feeling financial stress themselves, they supported our cause …gratis.

Support live theatre, wherever you can, whenever you can; the benefit to young performers carries over to many other aspects of their lives and lasts a lifetime.

Watch for possible upcoming ‘In Concert’ events and our 2010-2011 Pierson Musical productions: “The Music Man,” in February, presented by our middle school and the high school production of “Chicago” in April.

Again, our gratitude to all involved in this concert- you are all our heroes!

Paula Brannon

Pierson Musical Theatre Director

Melissa Luppi

Pierson Musical Theatre Producer


Proud to Welcome Vets

Dear Editor,

The Sag Harbor Elementary School was proud to welcome numerous local veterans to our Morning Program on November 9th. We had the privilege of personally thanking the veterans for their service to our great nation and their participation allowed our students to better understand the significance of Veterans Day.?I would like to also thank the following gentlemen for allowing time in their schedules to join us on that day: Mr. Larry Burns, Mr. Jack Reidy, Mr. Jim Renner,? Mr. Don Kelly, Mr. Frank Krzyzewski, Mr. Ralph Ficorelli, Mr. Marty Knab, Mr. Chris Stone, Mr. Harry Wills, Mr. John Burns, Mr. Carl Browngardt, Mr. Robert Browngardt, Judge Ed Burke, Mr. David Pharaoh and Mr. Joe Ricker.

Best regards,

Michelle Grant

Sag Harbor Elementary School



Pray, America, Pray

Dear Bryan,

As we know, God is patient. From time to time, however, His patience with human behavior ended and His wrath was great. After all, He pours out blessings only to watch as we turn our backs to Him.

I believe that God’s patience with America’s modern day arrogance is wearing thin. Only a lack of knowledge about America’s history could lead a person to deny a Divine guiding hand in our growth and survival over the past 234 years including November 2nd when a battle, not the war, for liberty over tyranny was won. Our blessings could fill the universe. Yet, we have allowed many slippery slopes to be created that deny our Christian past and position us with our backs to God.

This is serious and we are on dangerous ground. He is our only salvation, both personally and as a nation. Pray, fair reader, pray a prayer of thanks to a merciful God, seek forgiveness for facing away from Him, and ask Him to continue to watch over our country.

Pray, America, pray.

Bill Jones

Hampton Bays


Heartfelt Thanks

To the Editor

The year is almost over — a perfect time for all of us at Fighting Chance to express a heartfelt thank you to everyone who worked tirelessly to make our 2010 fundraising events a success. Your generous support allows us to continue to provide free-of-charge counseling and resources to cancer patients and their families living on the East End. As most of you know, cancer can be a daunting and isolating experience. Coming together as a community diminishes the sense of isolation and underscores the importance of caring for one another.

2010 event contributors who generously donated their products and resources for our events include:

The American Hotel; Balanced Energies; Blue Duck Bakery; Bridgehampton Florist; Cavaniola’s Gourmet Cheese Shop; Cortland Capital Market Service; C’s Home Management; Sue & Rick Davies; East Hampton Volunteer Ocean Rescue Squad; East Hampton/Bridgehampton Pharmacy; Houlihan Lokey Investment Banking Services; Scott J Salon & Spa; Letter Perfect; Lauren G; Loaves & Fishes; WBAZ, WEHM & Beach Radio; Matlin Patterson Global Advisors; Lisa Matlin; Barbara McLaughlin; Ann Jackson; Naturopathica; Roy Parker; Party Rental Limited; Robyn & Al Poto; Round Swamp Farm; Sabonack Golf Club courtesy of Frank Mori; Sag Harbor Florist; Sag Harbor Village Police Department; Salon Xavier; Seven Ponds Orchard; Sidley Austin; Swim Across America; Tate’s Bake Shop; NYC Half-Marathon’s Team Sidley; The Tackle Shop; The Milk Pail; Tiffany & Co.; Tight Lines Tackle Shop; Tory Burch; Chuck Miller; Water Mill Cupcake Company; Williams Sonoma; and Wittendale’s Florist & Greenhouses.

Thank you to our volunteers for making it happen:

Jennifer Borg-Wakeford, Sheila Mahoney, Kate Malenczak, Vanessa Petruccelli, Marie Klarman, Maryann Arendt, Paulina Jenkins, Joanne MacDowell, Nancy Petrie, Robyn Poto, Carolyn Hass, Ron Alexander, Patsy Howard, Lee Adamo, Tony Brandt, C.B. Grubb, Peggy Heckman, Cindy Formica, Joyce Orenstein, and Duncan Haille.

Thank you to our patient workshop co-sponsors:

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Nassau/Suffolk Law Services, North Fork Radiation Oncology, Southampton Hospital, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and Stony Brook University Cancer Center.

A special thank you from the patients of Fighting Chance to:

Cindy Capalbo – C’s Home Management for providing monthly house cleaning services to patients undergoing cancer treatments.

Rizzo Assoud – Twin Forks Limousine for helping us get our patients to their treatments.

Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Foundation and Yoga Shanti for supporting and nurturing patients, loved ones and caregivers in times of medical crisis.

Xavier Merat- Salon Xavier for making our patients look good while they are going through treatment.

The Fighting Chance volunteer program brought us many new people who are willing to lend their time to help cancer patients in our area. Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer should call 725-4646.

From all of us at,

Fighting Chance