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Schiavoni’s Sees Storm and Labor Day Shopping Surge

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As Hurricane Irene makes her way to the East Coast, sales in the village have continued to increase.  But, for Schiavoni’s IGA Market manager Matt Schiavoni, Hurricane Irene (expected to make landfall in Long Island this Sunday, August 28) is only half of it.

The boom in business that’s escalated over the last couple of days — extending check-out lines down the length of the store’s aisles and clearing shelves of such items as bread and water — also has to do with the upcoming holiday weekend.

“What’s happened is people are doing a huge shopping trip for Labor Day weekend, they’re looking forward one week,” Schiavoni said.  Typically, he said this weekend is when shoppers load-up for Labor Day barbecues and dinner parties.  But with the threat of Hurricane Irene on the horizon, he said many people are getting their shopping done now.

He pointed to a shopping cart at the front of the store to better explain his point.  It was filled with cookies and condiments, as well as non-perishable food items like peanut butter, and emergency essentials like batteries and bottled water.

“People are buying six to eight gallons of water at a time,” he continued, explaining that that’s not typical for most Labor-Day shopping sprees.

Schiavoni’s reportedly sold 50 cases of water yesterday, in addition to 100 cases of water before 10 a.m. this morning, Schiavoni said.  While he said the store is currently out of “D” batteries, he expects another shipment to arrive tomorrow (Saturday) morning.