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Bridgehampton CAC: Trash is Intolerable

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By Marianna Levine

This past Monday, The Bridgehampton Citizen’s Advisory Committee, invited Bridgehampton’s Postmaster, Michael Robinson, to address the problem of junk mail disposal at the hamlet’s post office as well as discussing the subdivision of Ross School lands in Bridgehampton, and traffic patterns in the hamlet.

Robinson pointed out that the post office doesn’t refer to this mail as “junk” that, in fact, “The use of first class mail has declined because more people are paying their bills on line, writing less letters, so the post office has increased bulk mail by giving incentives for its use. That is money, that is revenue for us.” 

He did add that the post office does try to help businesses update their mailing lists so that customers do not get duplicate bulk mail.

Robinson also recommended that people force businesses to update their mailing lists by sending back their pre-paid postage envelopes totally empty, stating “they’ll take notice and update their lists then.”

In terms of addressing the problem of recycling, Robinson explained, “we’ve had problems with people putting diapers and other garbage in the recycling bins, and the clerks don’t want to sort through that. Maybe we need to put a big sign out there saying this is only for paper recycling.”

Members of the Bridgehampton CAC were very vocal in their opinion that the Post Office really did need to provide not only a place to toss out recyclable paper mail but also a garbage pail of some sort.

Jeffery Vogel suggested that the town could help by providing “ a garbage bin outside the post office like they have outside of other business on Main Street.”

The most emotional plea came from CAC chair Fred Cammann who explained that he went around to all the businesses, churches, and schools in the hamlet and found out that all of these places were responsible for their own garbage, and he didn’t see why the post office couldn’t be equally responsible.

 “I give you a week to do the community a service and put in a garbage bin,” Cammann commanded.

Robinson reassured the members of the CAC “ I want to put in large garbage bins and a table again (for sorting mail), but I don’t want garbage going into the recycling.” He also asked the CAC to get the town to put in a garbage bin outside the post office as suggested by Vogel.

Cammann assured him “you’ll get a lot of cooperation from us.”


The other issue the CAC discussed concerned the selling and sub-dividing of land on the Ross School’s Bridgehampton campus. Jenice Delano had sent an emailed letter to the CAC members expressing her concern over this matter. 

Although she felt she stated her point better in writing she did add,” I feel strongly that the school has been here for twenty or thirty years and it just doesn’t seem right to me that they are subdividing it and selling it for a profit especially since they have never paid taxes to the Town of Southampton.”

Cammann and several other board members agreed with her. Cammann said, “ I think it’s immoral what they are doing.”

However several other CAC members did point out it was private property, and the Ross School had a legal right to sell off the land.

Vogel explained, “ I think they are looking at keeping the school going and selling the seven acres would do that. Whether that’s right or wrong  – I don’t know. There is plenty of precedent. The Maycroft School in North Haven was sold to a private individual.”

Cammann complained, “ The impact on the community would be huge. To me it’s not a legal issue, it’s just not logical. It’s absurd because this is farmland, not land to put 80 houses on. The previous school was here for years and years and never tried to pull something like this.”

Several people suggested that someone approach the Ross School with their concerns.


Thereafter the conversation once again turned to junk. This time several people complained about Bridgehampton “looking trashy” because businesses were putting items for sale out on their front lawns or sidewalks. Both Cammann and Vogel suggested people call code enforcement, and that they could even say they were calling on behalf of the CAC.

The meeting ended with a brief discussion about traffic in Bridgehampton. People felt that the hamlet needed much more of a police presence to slow traffic and that new CAC member Ron White had talked with Nancy Graboski and they were working on getting a stop sign on Norris Lane.