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Formerly Missing Bikes Now Ready For Pickup

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by Claire Walla

As many in the biking community are well aware, BikeHampton, Sag Harbor’s only bike shop, is no more.

And some know this better than others.

When the shop’s owner, Dave Krum, moved to Florida and the store closed its doors in December 2011, it also effectively closed off access to dozens of bicycles, leaving many bike owners who had brought their bikes to the shop to be sold or repaired in limbo. The two-wheelers sat unclaimed off-site for months until finally being recovered by Sag Harbor Village Police Detective Jeff Proctor.

Since news of the hidden bike cache broke in March, Proctor said four former BikeHampton patrons have come to him, hoping to be reunited their bikes. Though Proctor said one of the bikes has yet to be located, the other three were successfully recovered and promptly returned to their owners.

However, that barely makes a dent in the stash.

As of this week, there are approximately 40 bicycles still unclaimed. All of the bikes were taken to BikeHampton either for repairs or for consignment, Proctor said.

“Krum had an eBay business,” he explained. Bike owners would bring their racers, commuters or beach cruisers down to the shop, Krum would put them online with a price tag, and — once sold — he’d give the bike owner a portion of the profits.

Though Proctor said he was reluctant to mention the exact location of the unclaimed bicycles, he said they’re currently being stored by someone who had previously been affiliated with the business.

“When he found out that [Krum] was closing the doors, he pulled the bikes,” Proctor explained.

The detective added he has a full list of the makes and models of all the bikes being stored. So, anyone who describes a missing two-wheel ride that accurately matches up with what Proctor’s got on his list will be able to collect his or her bike.

“They need to be descriptive,” Proctor said of bike owners, adding that he wants to make sure the bikes go to their proper owners. But, he assured, “the bikes aren’t going away.”

Anyone still missing a bike from BikeHampton is encouraged to call Det. Procotr at 725-0247.