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Road Work

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We’re pleased that Southampton Town has finally arranged to take control of Noyac Road. Considering it has maintained it for years, and there appears to be no additional expense attached to it, we think local ownership will be a benefit to the town and the constituents in Noyac and North Sea.

We should recognize part of what has fueled this desire to gain autonomy over the road has been fear. Fear that some government other than our own may one day recognize a need for a second east-west route through the South Fork. And one glance at a map would tell you Noyac Road is the most obvious choice for such a route.

But for residents in the two hamlets that border the road, having a major throughway would destroy what is left of the, well, not-quite-rural charm that remains.

So, unless the town at some future date takes leave of its senses, we should be OK.

Now that we’ve got it, let’s talk about what needs to be done with it. In our own little corner, we are anxious to see the town complete a traffic calming design in front of The Whalebone and Cromers. As we have said in this space many times, an intelligent treatment here could be a benefit both for the store owners and the customers who frequent them, considering the difficulty — and danger — of pulling in an out of the parking spaces there.

But frankly we’d like to see a traffic calming proposal extended beyond this intersection to include the entire business district in Noyac. We’d like to see a plan that makes the entire business district more pedestrian friendly, and a design that would actually work to slow traffic — think islands and bump outs at corners and crosswalks that would allow shoppers to move freely and without fear through the downtown area. It’s honestly not that far to walk from The Whalebone to the deli to Cappelletti’s —  it’s just not that comfortable. A narrower road makes a slower road. These are efforts that would benefit the entire hamlet by discouraging speeders and those seeking to use Noyac as a bypass.

Accident Claims Life of Sag Harbor Man

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Southampton Town Police are investigating a fatal accident which claimed the life of a 26-year-old Sag Harbor man. The name of the victim has not been released.

At about 9:13 p.m. on Thursday night, May 7, police began receiving a number of 911 calls about a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Noyac Road and Bayview Avenue in Noyac. Town police along with the Southampton Volunteer Ambulance Corps and North Sea Fire Department responded and found a 2007 Nissan pick-up overturned after striking a utility pole. The truck had come to rest on its driver’s side.

The driver, who police say was the only occupant, had been partially ejected from the truck, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver was apparently traveling at an unsafe speed for the wet roads, according to police reports, lost control of the truck and spun off the road striking the pole before flipping over. It is unknown if alcohol was involved.

Southampton Town Police added this was the third accident in the past ten days in the town where a vehicle has overturned and an occupant ejected, receiving serious or fatal injuries. Police caution they will strictly enforce New York State seatbelt laws this month during the “Click it or Ticket” traffic safety campaign.

The Southampton Town Police Detective Division is continuing to investigate and is asking anyone with information about the accident to contact them at 631-728-5000.



Now Will You Calm Noyac Road?

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Some have observed that it takes someone getting killed to put up a stop light at a dangerous intersection. Will it take more than that to get some traffic calming in Noyac?

In one week’s time, at a tiny yet increasingly treacherous stretch of Noyac Road, we have seen one man killed and another woman nearly killed. It is apparently only a miracle that saved a young woman on her first day of work from escaping being crushed by a pickup truck that came hurtling through the side wall of The Whalebone General Store last Friday. Exactly one week before, on a slick road, a driver failed to negotiate the bend in the road and slammed into a tree just feet away from The Whalebone. The driver was killed and his two passengers were injured.

Alcohol has apparently been involved with the most recent accident, and speed may be a contributing factor in both, which underscores the need for creating a safer environment for both the drivers and the pedestrians who frequent the increasingly busy hamlet.

The area around The Whalebone and Cromer’s Market is a nexus for pedestrian and vehicular traffic that is going uncontrolled. It has become a very popular shopping area — which is great — but coupled with increasing car and truck traffic and a winding country road, the stretch is begging for a safer plan.

Southampton Town has made a couple of proposals to calm this section of the road, by installing a median and actually moving the road further to the south by about 16-feet in order to make it easier for vehicles to get in and out of the parking lot.

But frankly, more needs to be done, and by the events this past week, they need to be done soon. We suggest the town take a good look at traffic from Trout Pond to the Waterside Condominiums in an effort to find ways to slow traffic before it gets into the business district. We wouldn’t mind if traffic crawled through the area —  think bulb-outs, neck-downs and medians that, by design, force cars to slow down.

It would give pedestrians a better chance at crossing the road safely, and — at the rate things are going — probably save a couple of lives.