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Noyac Has a New Place to Vote

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Noyac voters will find themselves casting their ballot in a new location next month. After decades of voting in the Old Noyac School House on the south side of Noyac Road, residents in election districts 2 and 36 will cross the street and move a bit further east to cast their votes in the Community Bible Church.

The Suffolk County Board of Elections mailed notices of the change last week, noting the change will be permanent and applies to all future elections.

“We were going to make the change next year anyway,” said Tom Noble, who is assistant to board of elections commissioner Wayne Rogers. “The Old Noyac Schoolhouse is really a substandard structure for our needs.”

“When it rains, the building leaks,” said Noble, “and there really are limited facilities there.”

Perhaps the tipping point came last month when voting for the primary elections was held at the schoolhouse. The board of elections this year ushered in new voting machines and a new process, which takes up considerably more room. After the primaries, election workers complained that the room was too cramped.

“We thought, why wait, and we decided to go ahead with the change this year,” said Noble. In addition, he said, the schoolhouse offers little in the way of lavatory facilities or a place for election workers to eat meals.

Pastor Doug Kinney of the Community Bible Church, which is located at 2837 Noyac Rd., said they welcomed the idea.

“I passed it by the board and we said, sure, why not,” said Pastor Kinney. Stackable chairs will be removed from the church’s sanctuary to make room for voters, who can either enter through the front door or, for those handicapped, through a side door.