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Court Grants Order of Protection for Victim of Alleged Rape in East Hampton

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Ex-Goldman Sachs banker Jason Lee is accused of raping an Irish student at his rental home in East Hampton last August. Photo courtesy Suffolk County District Attorney's office.

Ex-Goldman Sachs banker Jason Lee is accused of raping an Irish student at his rental home in East Hampton last August. Photo courtesy Suffolk County District Attorney’s office.

By Tessa Raebeck

A Suffolk County court on Friday granted an order of protection for a woman living in Ireland who was allegedly raped in East Hampton last summer.

Suffolk County Criminal Court Justice Barbara Kahn granted the application, filed by the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office, for a one-year order of protection against the defendant in the case, Jason Lee, 37, an employee of the Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs.

Mr. Lee is accused of raping a 20-year-old Irish student last summer in his East Hampton rental home. He was charged with rape in the first degree in August and pled not guilty in September, after posting $100,000 bail.

The order of protection will not allow Mr. Lee or anyone working on his behalf to contact the alleged victim.

“This court order will provide a level of protection for the victim of this crime, now at home in her native Ireland, who feels that [she] has been harassed and intimidated by visitors in the employ of the defendant, Jason Lee,” Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said in a press release.

“We are pleased the court included in the order of protection a specific provision not only barring the defendant from any contact with our victim [but also] importantly, to refrain from communication with her through third parties,” he continued. “This victim has told us she felt intimidated by the emissary sent to speak to her by the defendant, and that she feels she is being watched, increasing her fear and causing her great distress.”

East Hampton Town Police arrested Mr. Lee after coming to his rental house for an unrelated matter, being notified of the alleged rape and finding Mr. Lee hiding in his Range Rover.

Sag Harbor Man Charged with Rape

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On Monday, September 21 Southampton Town Police announced the arrest of a Greenwich, Connecticut man in the alleged rape of a 16-year-old girl at his Sag Harbor residence. William B. O’Boyle, 24, has been charged with one count of rape in the third degree, a Class E felony, as well as endangering the welfare of a child, a Class A misdemeanor. According to a statement issued by police, O’Boyle was charged with the crime after an investigation following a complaint about the incident, which allegedly occurred at his 12 Whalers Walk, Sag Harbor residence.

According to police, the offense took place on February 1, 2009, but the complaint was not filed until Monday. According to Detective Sergeant Randy Hintze, the juvenile victim filed the complaint. As the case is still under investigation, police declined to disclose the particulars of the incident, the relationship between O’Boyle and the victim or how long the case has been under investigation. Police indicated the rape charge could be statutory in nature.

“The charge itself indicates that it could be a statutory offense,” said Detective Steven Miller. A defendant can be charged with rape in the third degree when they are 21-years-old or older and they engage in sexual intercourse with another person less than 17-years-old.

O’Boyle was arrested at 5 p.m. on Monday. Police wouldn’t disclose the exact location of the arrest, but said he was arrested in a public place in Sag Harbor.

O’Boyle was held overnight in Southampton Town Police headquarters. He was transported to his arraignment at the town justice court the following morning, September 22, for his arraignment for the rape in the third degree and child welfare endangerment charges. Southampton Town Justice Barbara Wilson presided over the proceedings and set O’Boyle’s bail at $7,500. He pled not guilty and posted bail. O’Boyle is expected to return to court on October 21 for conferencing.

O’Boyle has had previous altercations with local law enforcement. He was pulled over by Sag Harbor Village police on August 19 for allegedly failing to maintain his lane while driving on Long Island Avenue. At the time, police said a Department of Motor Vehicle check revealed that O’Boyle’s registration was suspended for an insurance lapse from February 2009. O’Boyle faced charges of operating a vehicle with a suspended registration, a misdemeanor.

The Detective Division is continuing the investigation and is requesting anyone that may have information about this or any other crime please contact the Detective Division at 728-5000 or the Police Information Hotline 728-3454.