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Rejuvenation Spa: Healing from the Inside

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Rejuvenation Spa

BRIGHT AND AIRY: Rejuvenation Spa features calming rooms with lots of light and soothing bay breezes.

By Emily J Weitz


When Therese Lindstrom, her husband Bill Kamaras and their new baby moved to Sag Harbor a few months ago, Therese knew she wanted to create a healing sanctuary accessible to everyone. Even though the East End has an abundance of high end spas and a handful of places to get your nails done on the cheap, she didn’t see a healing space for people who didn’t make a fortune.

“I really wanted to open a place where people could be healed,” says Lindstrom. “Because I have sustained so many injuries in my life, I know firsthand that some days I couldn’t walk and massage therapy healed me.”

Lindstrom was a ballet dancer for 15 years, and she says sometimes a massage therapist would tour with the company to help take care of the dancers’ bodies.

“It’s a great supplement for someone who is working on larger issues,” she says. “It can take an hour, and you feel immediate results.”

After her career as a dancer, Lindstrom became a yoga instructor in part, she says, to deal with her injuries.

“Many times I couldn’t afford to go to a spa,” she says, “so I would barter ballet or yoga classes for massage. I love going to the spa, but I also don’t think you need to pay an arm and a leg to get the healing you need.”

Lindstrom’s background in yoga helped to inform the overall philosophy of Rejuvenation Spa, a new Sag Harbor facility focused on healing from the inside. She wasn’t looking to create a beauty spa where people could get chemical peels.

“This is about how we feel,” she says. “Not how we look. And we wanted to offer this in an approachable way to people who may not have such a disposable income.”

As the mother of a young child, looking to start a life in Sag Harbor, Lindstrom wants to appeal to the year round community.

“We have farmers coming in who have never had a massage before. They were not going to go in to a ladies’ spa and spend $175 for a treatment,” explains Lindstrom. “We have fishermen, we have ladies who bring in their friends to treat them for their birthdays. We have people coming in here who have never had this before, because it wasn’t presented in a way they could afford.”

She is quick to add that this does not compromise the quality of the massage. In fact, most of her 12 massage therapists work at other high end spas as well. She selected all her therapists herself, and appreciates the variety of specialties they bring to the table.

“We offer most massage techniques,” she says. “You could come in for Swedish or deep tissue, which are the most common, but you can also come in for a specialty massage like reflexology, Tui Na [Chinese Sports Massage], Thai or Shiatsu. We also do aromatherapy massage and pre or post natal massage.”

Rejuvenation Spa opened last month in a sweet little house on the corner of Bridge and Rose streets in Sag Harbor.

“The house is at least 150 years old,” says Lindstrom. “I wanted to keep the grounded feel with the wooden floor. We are a block away from the water, so you can smell the bay breezes. You look out the window and see the mulberry trees and the garden and the willow trees.”

Lindstrom also wanted to keep the new space bright, and play with natural light. She feels too many spas are dark, seemingly cut off from the natural world. In Rejuvenation, the natural world is constantly peeking in.

“There are skylights incorporated in the space,” she says, “to have a play with the light. And the art on the walls, which is all for sale, is all of boats on dry docks. It has that Sag Harbor feel.”

Lindstrom has loved that Sag Harbor feel since she and her husband first visited North Haven 12 years ago.

“We went kayaking, and had an amazing time. I fell in love with Sag Harbor,” she says. “We knew we wanted to move here to give a more nurturing life to our baby.”

With a massage special that is just about half the going rate of massages around town, Rejuvenation Spa is also offering a more nurturing life to everyone in town.

Rejuvenation Spa is located on 23 Bridge Street, 2nd floor, Sag Harbor, NY 11963. Hours are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. For more information call 725-1057.