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New Offerings on Tap at Taps in North Sea

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Bartender George Williams pours a glass of one of Taps’ 14 draft beers. Stephen J. Kotz


By Genevieve Kotz


As the owner of Studio 89 gym, Rich Decker is no stranger to making over clients’ bodies, but his latest project was his own restaurant.

Mr. Decker recently gave his North Sea Tavern a complete renovation, doubling both the size of the bar and the number of draft beers available, and renamed it, appropriately, Taps.

Taps, which is located on North Sea Road in Southampton, opened on April 10 and is the kind of place that caters to customers who want to stop in for a beer, grab dinner or enjoy live music.

“We have the number-one beers in the world and we have local IPA’s,” Mr. Decker said of the restaurant’s extensive beer offerings.

At Taps, there are 14 different draft beers offered, including but not limited to Lagunitas, Miller Lite, Guinness, Lager, Blue Moon, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Peroni as well as eight different bottled beers. A pint of beer is between $5 and $6, which is “ridiculously priced for this area,” according to Mr. Decker. The restaurant also has a full bar and specializes in mojitos and margaritas.

With entrees ranging from $8 for a burger to around $25 for higher priced entrees, customers can expect good food and beer for a good price, according to Mr. Decker.

“It’s a very friendly restaurant,” Mr. Decker said, “We are kind of like a Hamptons-style restaurant without the Hamptons prices.”

While the sign above the door boasts “Brews, Burgers and Wings,” Taps also serves a full menu of pastas, steaks, seafood and other American pub-style dishes.

The restaurant has seven big screen TVs with surround sound, making it an ideal location for watching major sporting events like the ongoing Stanley Cup finals. Soccer fans will be glad to hear that Taps will be showing all of the FIFA World Cup matches this summer.

Besides catering toward sports fanatics, Taps regularly features live music and other musical performances. Every Friday night, it has live music with different performers booked until the end of summer.  On Wednesday and Saturday nights, there will be a DJ, and it will host Reggae on the Deck every Sunday afternoon. Starting in July, they will be hosting a new music venue, Summer Acoustic, from 9 p.m. to midnight on Thursday nights.

Mr. Decker, who has been on the East End for the last 30 years, has made a career with nightclubs, health clubs and restaurants. Five years ago, he opened Studio 89, a private fitness studio in Sag Harbor that offers one-on-one training as well as fitness classes such as TRX, Spin and Zumba.

Because of his experience with fitness, Mr. Decker made sure that his menu allows people to enjoy their meals without having to sacrifice their health. Most of the meals are based on proteins and complex carbohydrates and Taps also serves plenty of chicken and grilled vegetable dishes for people that want to eat on the leaner side. There are also plenty of gluten free and vegan options. The restaurant is also willing to substitute menu items with something healthier, at no extra charge.

“If it’s not on the menu, just ask and we’ll make it for you,” Mr. Decker said, “We’re very customer friendly.”

Taps is open seven days a week. It opens Monday through Thursday at 3 p.m. for late lunches and dinner, Fridays at noon for lunch and dinner, and it serves breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturdays and Sundays, starting at 9 a.m.

For more information, check out its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/TapsSouthampton.


Studio 89 Fitness in Sag Harbor Unveils New Group Classes, Free During Opening Promotion

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Ashley Farrell works out at Studio 89 in Sag Harbor.

Trainer Ashley Farrell works out at Studio 89 in Sag Harbor.

By Tessa Raebeck

At Studio 89 Fitness in Sag Harbor, you can duke it out boxing, suspend mid-air in gravity training or crawl through the sand in a military-style outdoor obstacle course. This weekend, Studio 89 will further its already extensive exercise line-up with the unveiling of Studio 89 GX, a group fitness program offering a wide variety of exercise classes.

“For an individual facility, we’re offering the largest amount of classes on the East End and we have the largest space,” said Studio 89 founder and trainer Rich Decker. “So really, we’re going after it pretty aggressively.”

For the past three years, Studio 89 has catered to a high-end clientele as a private training facility, with its focus on one-on-one training and measurable results within an exclusive atmosphere. Noticing the growth in popularity of group classes at other local fitness centers, Decker saw an opportunity to expand Studio 89 with “a more community-oriented part of the facility.”

A 2,000 square foot addition will provide the space for Studio 89 GX to offer unlimited Ball, Bootcamp, Sculpt, Spin, Step, TRX, Yoga, Zumba classes, as well as five fitness classes designed by the Les Mills Group, an international organization that supplies workout facilities with varied workout programs, such as BodyCombat, a workout that incorporates kickboxing and Tai Chi, and BodyVive, which is more reflective of Yoga and Pilates programs. As with Studio 89, the emphasis at GX is on hard-earned, verifiable results.

“It’s not like a regular gym where you go work out, socialize and hang out,” said Decker. “It’s very much a results-oriented facility. They actually come to get work done.”

Classes will be taught by Studio 89’s instructors and supported by its state-of-the-art facility. Outside, “The Pit” is a 20,000 square foot sand pit with over 20 exercise stations, including a rope wall, rope climb and agility tires. According to Studio 89, it is “the only outdoor obstacle course in the Hamptons designed with military style bootcamp precision.” Inside, the space is open and airy, with lots of natural light coming in through windows and doors. Half of the building is devoted to private, training, while the other half will be reserved for the new group classes.

Starting at $365 for a limited time, purchasing a one-year membership allows you unlimited group fitness in any class, excluding spin and TRX. Any existing gym membership terms will be honored when members sign up for fitness classes. All classes are free during the opening promotion, from November 16 through December 1. Studio 89 GX plans to offer 40 to 50 classes each week.

With the motto, “U R The Machine,” Studio 89 uses personal attention, minimal equipment and innovative exercises to engage every muscle of the body and show clients just how much they’re capable of. The extensive and varied class options are designed to keep clients from getting bored and diverse exercises prevent the body from plateauing at a fitness level. Workouts are designed to be both challenging and fun, and Studio 89 GX promises fast results, said Decker.

“Health shouldn’t be a luxury – it should be a way of life,” says Decker, who is eager to expand his clientele by offering more affordable class programs. In January, Decker plans to unveil another Studio 89 location in Southampton. He expects to be in East Hampton by summer 2014. The new studios’ exact locations are not yet determined.

Studio 89 Fitness is located at 89 Clay Pit Road in Sag Harbor. Studio 89 GX is opening November 16, with free classes through December 1. For more information, call (631) 899-4310, email Studio89fitness@gmail.com or visit Studio89Fitness.com.

Changes at Top for Hamptons Gyms

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web_Rich Decker 03-10_0997

By Marianna Levine

Rich Decker of Studio 89, a personal training facility in Sag Harbor, has recently been hired by the Hamptons Gym Corporation (owned by Alexis and Martha Stewart) to manage all three of their East End facilities. Decker, a personal trainer and fitness facility manager for over 23 years, was employed earlier this month not only for his experience but also for his solid ties to the local community according to Decker.

Decker who used to own and operate the Sag Harbor gym more than a decade ago in its pervious incarnation as American Fitness Factory elaborates, “All of the gyms’ facilities needed to make changes in their customer appreciation. The only way I said I was coming back was if we started to take care of the local community.”

What Decker specifically means is he intends to listen personally to all members’ suggestions, so that the gyms may operate in a positive, client-focused way. He discovered this type of membership appreciation, as well as respect, was lacking in the previous management’s organization.

 “I want to run this place with humility and gratitude. I tell my front desk staff that if a member has a complaint give them my cell phone. I want to hear what they have to say and listen to their suggestions.”

The first change Decker decided to implement was an “Under New Management” membership special which he will extend to both new and existing members. Meaning a year’s membership for facility use will only be $399, and $499 for a membership that includes classes now through April 30. The existing members will be able to add a year onto their membership at these prices. He will also offer a 20% senior discount and 10% student discount for memberships. Members will be allowed to use all three gyms whenever they like.

“This is a special we’ll be offering before the summer season hits, and is around $200 less then what it will be later on,” said Decker.

The other big change he is prepared to announce is that Tikki Barber ’s new spin class “Fly Wheel” will also be offered in a newly remodeled bike room. This program will be offered at the Sag Harbor gym exclusively. Decker explains this will be a separate operation within the gym; however there will still be at least two regular spin classes offered each day as well. Former NY Gaint Tikki Barber will be at the gym in person to introduce Fly Wheel in May. Decker also mentions a new day care program will be offered for the summer.

Decker states “we’re doing a hybrid program so that members get the benefits of both. In the end it just means a lot more spin classes each day.”

In the meantime, Decker is focusing on cleaning and servicing the existing buildings and their equipment.

 “We’re cleaning the places top to bottom. I had the facilities acid washed, and we’re using all eco-friendly cleaners. I wanted to start with a fresh, clean facility; and we’re doing this bit by bit without inconveniencing the members.

Decker however did say they would be redoing the spin room in the next few weeks. He also mentioned that the Sag Harbor gym has been repainted.

There may be more changes forthcoming but Decker said he doesn’t want to implement them without first gathering all the information he needs to make the best decisions for the members.

“I have already seen the energy level increase greatly in the past seven days,” said Decker “but I don’t want to make too many changes too quickly. I’m getting a lot of letters from members and I’m looking at them. For now I want it to be a welcoming environment for the existing staff as well as for our members, so that when I’m not physically there they have the same customer focus as I do.”

When asked how he intends to continue running his studio as well as manage the other three gyms, Decker replies, “To run four facilities is not rocket science. You keep everything that works and get everything organized. In every case we’ll do what’s right for our customers. I’ve owned four gyms before on both the North and South Fork. This is actually easier because they’re all on the South Fork.”

Decker explains he splits his time between all four facilities each day from 5 a.m. until 7 or 8 at night. He changes the order in which he visits the gyms each day. He also explains that his Studio 89 doesn’t directly compete with the Hamptons Gyms, as his studio only offers private personal training while the other gyms are what he refers to as “one box gyms,” meaning in one space you can work out on your own or get training as well as take several different fitness classes.