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Endorsement: Russo for Council

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This week both Sally Pope and Dan Russo came to meet with us in our office, separately, to tell us how they stand on some of the major issues facing the Southampton Town board, and, in turn, we asked them what Sag Harbor will gain from their election as a town board member.

Pope expressed a grave concern for the deficits of the town, and showed an interest in how these deficits will be handled and paid for. Pope also showed concern for the Sag Harbor Gateway and felt that affordable housing is a necessity for the young families in our community. Although she held some of the beliefs that we too share, we feel that Dan Russo should get our vote for town board.

Frankly, Russo narrowly missed receiving our endorsement when he first ran for office. He has shown us that he really understands the issues and the concerns of the citizens of our town. He is a straight shooter and he spoke quite honestly to us about what he could, or couldn’t do. We felt that he was able to answer our questions more completely. Further, we like the fact that he has a prosecutorial background and when you combine that with the responsibility to be a liaison for code enforcement, we feel quite confident that he is the right person for this role in a time when quality of life issues are so important to residents.

Russo has displayed the type of initiative we like to see in a town board member. While we are impressed with Pope’s passion, we see no reason to turn Russo out.