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Rysam-Sleight House and Neighboring Property Approved for Family Compound

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Two properties with historic homes dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries will be combined into one large family compound on Division Street in Sag Harbor.

On Monday night, the Sag Harbor Historic Preservation and Architectural Review Board approved Michael Graft and Carol Ostrow’s application to renovate houses on neighboring parcels at 107 and 115 Division Street. According to the couple’s environmental planning consultant, Melissa Dedovich of Peconic Environmental, the couple plans on turning the two properties into one large compound for their family.

The American Hotel owner Ted Conklin sold the properties in 2010. The two-story historic Captain’s Manse was built in the 1700s. In addition to an existing seven-bedroom house, the property also contains a historic barn, the fate of which was up for debate at Monday night’s meeting. The neighboring property holds the historic Rysam-Sleight House, which was constructed in 1820.

Graft and Ostrow have already earned approval from the Sag Harbor Village Zoning Board of Appeals to reinstall a side entrance at the Rysam-Sleight House, which will allow family members to easily move between the two properties, according to Dedovich. Graft and Ostrow own the Rysam-Sleight House in their own names, but the Captain’s Manse is owned by Susan Samuel LLC, a corporation formed using Ostrow and Graft’s middle names.

At the Rysam-Sleight House, the couple has proposed a new curb cut and driveway, a new septic system, a new fence that will connect with the existing fence at the Captain’s Manse, restoration and renovation of the residence and the construction of a single story addition with attached porches at the rear of the building. At the Captain’s Manse, the couple proposed removing an existing pool and patio and installing a new pool and pool house. A single story rear addition, new septic system, new curb cut and parking is also proposed on the property.

According to Charlie Marder of Marder’s Landscaping and Nursery, as much of the existing landscaping on the property will be preserved.

However, when asked about the fate of a historic barn at the Captain’s Manse, Dedovich informed ARB chairman Cee Scott Brown that the structure was not salvageable.

Despite its condition, Brown said he would like the couple to contract a historic preservationist like Robert Strada to see if there was interest in saving, and moving the barn.

The ARB approved the applications with the exception of the removal of the barn. Brown said he would like to hear the outcome of further research into whether or not it could be saved before he would be comfortable signing off on its demolition.

In other ARB news, the board approved a 13-by-62-foot swimming pool at Howard Collinge’s 236 Division Street property, as well as a 16-by-36-foot pool at Allan Brown’s 56 West Water Street residence. William Egan was also approved for a 18-by-60-foot pool at 221 Main Street. William Duffy was approved for a new sign at 16 Main Street to promote the restaurant Muse, although the board did not allow Duffy to put up a new bracket sign, noting it was too large and would not meet village code standards. Lastly, Raymond Romano of 39 Hamilton Street was approved for two one-story additions totaling just 73-feet.

The next Sag Harbor ARB meeting will be held on Thursday, March 8 at 5 p.m.