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Club Hopes to Boost Pierson’s Programs

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By Andrew Rudansky

With eyes towards HarborFrost 2012 and their first annual “Fun’raiser” event, the Sag Harbor Booster Foundation plans to kick off their first fundraising and membership drive at the beginning of the new year.

“The big thing with these fundraisers is to become solvent as an organization,” said the foundation’s president, Robert Evjen. “We wanted to make sure that every club in the school is covered financially.”

As a non-profit organization the newly formed Boosters’ mission is to financially support not just Pierson’s athletic teams, but all 38 extra-curricular clubs offered at the school.

Kicking off their fundraising drive, the Boosters are presenting their “Spin for Our Kids Ride” at the Sag Harbor Gym located on Bay Street on Monday January 2, at 11:30 a.m. Hosted by cycling instructor and personal trainer Christa Schleicher, the event will be a 90 minute cycling class complete with a Chinese auction and refreshments.

Schleicher, a board member of the booster foundation, said, “It’s not going to be one of those intense athletic rides but instead a more fun experience.”

Tickets for the ride are available either at the Sag Harbor Gym or by calling 631-987-3288. A $50 donation to the Boosters is requested for each bike, with a $100 donation for a bike in the front row.

The Boosters are also organizing a “Winter Spirit Night” at the Pierson High School Gym on Friday, January 27 at 6:15 p.m. at a boys’ varsity basketball home game against Bridgehampton.

A celebration of “Whaler Pride” and an exposition of several of the extracurricular clubs offered at the high school, “Winter Spirit Night” will include the high school chorus singing the national anthem before the game, the high school band performing as a Whalers pep band, and a halftime demonstration by the Pierson robotics team.

Evjen described the event as a coming out party for the Boosters, one designed to draw in new membership.

“A lot of this is about fundraising,” said Evjen. “But most of all we wanted to show our Whaler Pride.”

According to Evjen, the proceeds raised from these events will be used as seed money for the Boosters big “Fun’raiser,” a cocktail party at B. Smith’s on February 11 that will overlap with the second annual HarborFrost. The boosters are planning a trivia “quiz show” for the event’s entertainment for the more competitive partygoers. Tickets for the event can be purchased for $25.

Evjen said that the boosters are hoping to raise $10,000 for the foundation by the end of February. This money would be going into a general fund that would be distributed to the various school organizations on a case-by-case basis.

“Many organizations have already come up to us with specific requests,” said Evjen. “Long term though, we hope to get to a level where we can raise enough funds for a capital improvement, such as a new auditorium.”

For more information about these upcoming events and the Sag Harbor Booster Foundation please visit their website at www.SagHarborBoosterFoundation.org.

A Boost for Whalers

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By Andrew Rudansky

There was an energy in the crowd at the Class C Field Hockey game last month. The fans were attired in crimson and black, some of them shirtless, most covered in face paint, holding pompoms and cheering on the Lady Whalers. In total over 100 students, nearly half of the high school, were in attendance to root for their team.

It was nothing short of school spirit made tangible, and it was exactly what the Sag Harbor Booster Foundation at Pierson wants to foster as they enter into their winter fundraising season.

Robert Evjen, president of the booster club, said, “For me there is such a natural sense of school spirit at Pierson, and we want to do everything we can to help nurture that.”

Unlike a traditional booster club that only focuses on athletics, the Sag Harbor Booster Foundation focuses on all 38 extra-curricular program the school offers.

“We want to make people see how talented this little school really is,” said Laura Matthers, secretary for the booster club. “A lot of the groups here at Pierson do a lot of amazing things, and we wanted to start highlighting some of those groups that aren’t normally highlighted.”

Already the booster club, founded in January of this year, has teamed up with MSG Varsity to film and post Pierson athletic events online. In addition the boosters have set up a scholarship for Pierson students with grant money from MSG Varsity.

“It’s great, we haven’t even embarked on our membership drive yet but we already have a lot of members,” said Evjen, “And the school administration has been very supportive of us”.

The winter basketball season is fast approaching at Pierson High School, and the Booster Club plans to be a presence at home games, selling refreshments and organizing half time spirit rallies. The boosters hope to be able to provide Pierson with new lighting systems, a new scoreboard, funds for school trips, and various scholarships.

In February the boosters plan to hold a first annual fundraiser at B. Smith’s restaurant in conjunction with the 2012 HarborFrost events.

“Hopefully the Booster Club will be there financially to fill in for any programs that any future budget cuts might cut into,” said Matthers. “We just have to make sure we don’t lose any of these programs.”

For more information about the booster club or to become a member please visit www.sagharborboosterfoundation.org or email them at Info@SagHarborBoosterFoundation.org.