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Defining Sag Harbor Village Property

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This week, Sag Harbor Village Mayor Brian Gilbride authorized Saskas Surveying Company of East Hampton to survey village property adjacent to the Sag Harbor Yacht Club after the yacht club sent a letter to the village last week asking the board of trustees to sign off on a lease and take liability for a lone floating dock Gilbride said he believed was always village property.

In a survey submitted by the yacht club for the removal of old fuel storage tanks earlier this year, the property line between the yacht club and the village ends at the handicap parking space next to the floating dock, which is to the right of the entrance ramp to the boat basin. However, Gilbride said the yacht club has furnished title work and an older survey that shows they own the floating dock, often used by those bringing their boat into or out of the basin.

Village attorney Fred W. Thiele, Jr. is examining those records, said Gilbride.

Making the situation even more complicated, Gilbride pulled the official county map, which shows the village actually owns property extending past the ramp and floating dock and into the adjacent parking area. On Wednesday morning, Gilbride counted five yacht club slips that are waterfront to that land, and if the county map proves to be true, would technically be village property as well.

Gilbride stressed no matter the outcome of the Saskas survey and the title work the village itself has ordered, he expects the situation will ultimately be resolved amicably.

“The yacht club has been a good neighbor to Sag Harbor,” he said. “This is just not clear. Property lines are here and there depending on what you are looking at. When we get the survey back we will sit with them as good neighbors and work it out.”

“It’s just a question of finding out the facts,” added trustee Tim Culver, saying the situation varies greatly from other property disputes Sag Harbor has contended with as of late, in particular the ongoing battle with the Hastings family about the ownership of what village officials deem a right of way and access to the water for village residents on Notre Dame Road.

Osprey Takes Maycroft Cup

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web Maycroft Cup Race 2

Thirty-two sailboats, in five divisions, competed in the Sag Harbor Yacht Club’s thirteenth annual Maycroft Cup Regatta last Saturday. Starting along the North Haven shore with winds blowing 10-to-12 knots and oscillating from the east to southeast then south, all classes sailed windward, then leeward legs in Shelter Island Sound and raced past Cedar Point Light out into Gardiner’s Bay. 

With wind speeds building into the 10-to-15 knot range, Divisions 1,2, 3 & 5 sailed to Crow Shoals and Division 4 sailed to Three Mile Harbor against a flooding tide. All divisions then returned past Cedar Point to Sag Harbor finishing at the Breakwater.

Sag Harbor Yacht Club member George Martin at the helm of Osprey got the gun, finishing first in Division 2 and winning the overall Maycroft Cup trophy for best finish in both Spinnaker classes.

The top boats and captains in each class were, in order of finish: Division 1 (Spinnaker), Gossip, Stephen Kenny & Greg Ames; White Lightning, Russell Jim Smyth, Jr.; Purple Haze, Lee Oldak & Dan Kalish; Division 2 (Spinnaker), Osprey, George Martin; Spindrift, Bill Rich; Impromptu, Sean Leary; Division 3 (Non-Spinnaker), Loki, Mark Webber & Matt Ivans; Plurabelle, Andrea Bourel; Loose Fish, John & Audrey Niewenhous; Division 4 (Non-Spinnaker), Bellatrix, Joe Gaites & Joe Frizell; Windsong, Carlton Endemann; Fresh Start, Arthur Spanarkel; Division 5 (One Design J105), Buckaroo, Bruce Tait; Roxanne, Wayne Morse; Mambo, Sedgwick Ward.

The other overall perpetual trophy winners were Loki and Buckaroo, the Havens Cup going to Mark Webber & Matt Ivans for best finish in the Non-Spinnaker divisions and the Ron Lowe Cup going to Bruce Tait for best finish in One Design division.

Pursuers of Maycroft Cup Undaunted by Rain

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With winds blowing from the East at around eight knots, twenty sailboats competing in five divisions were at the starting line this past Saturday, September 27, racing in Sag Harbor Yacht Club’s 12th annual Maycroft Cup Regatta.

Originally raced from 1886 through 1914 and revived in 1997, this year’s event was one of the most difficult races in years. With oscillating winds varying from 0 – 12 knots and with a dramatic, though thankfully short-lived, downpour during the race, the boats raced from Shelter Island Sound, out past Cedar Point and into Gardiners Bay. Divisions I, II & V sailed to Crow Shoals and Divisions III & IV to Three Mile Harbor, with all divisions then returning past Cedar Point Light and finishing at the Red nun N8 at the entrance to the South channel in Shelter Island Sound.

Top finishers in each class were:

Division I (Spinnaker) – First – “Purple Haze” – Lee Oldak & Dan Kalish; Second – “Ice Nine” – SHYC member Tom Stewart; Third – “Team Tonic” – Jim & Ellen Sanders

Division II (Spinnaker) – First – “Lunatic Fringe” – Rob & Bill Lehnert; Second – “ Osprey” – SHYC member George Martin; Third – “White Lightning” – SHYC member Jim Smyth

Division III (Non-Spinnaker) – First – “Plurabelle” – Antoine and Andrea Bourel; Second – “Wave Train” – SHYC member Richard Bockman

Division IV (Non-Spinnaker) – First – “Bellatrix” – SHYC members Joe Gaites & Joe Frizell;    Second – “Papillon” – Dewayne Lewis

Division V (One Design J105) – First – “Buckaroo” – SHYC member Bruce Tait; Second – “Mambo” – Sedgwick Ward; Third – “Roxanne” – SHYC member Wayne Morse

Overall perpetual trophy winners were:

Maycroft Cup (Best finish in the Spinnaker divisions): “Lunatic Fringe” – Rob & Bill Lehnert

Havens Cup (Best finish in the Non-Spinnaker divisions): “Plurabelle” – Antoine & Andrea Bourel

Ron Lowe Cup (Best finish in the One Design division): “Buckaroo” – Bruce Tait