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Noyac to Get New Boundaries

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By Bryan Boyhan

Southampton Town is about to adopt new boundary lines for all of its hamlets and for Noyac, that either means it’s going to be a bit bigger or a bit smaller, depending upon who you talk to.

As proposed the northern boundary is obvious, the bay, and the eastern boundary remains pretty much as everyone is familiar with: all the way across Long Beach to the Village of North Haven at Short Beach. The line jogs down along Noyac Road and the shoreline of the cove to the Village of Sag Harbor and Ligonee Creek. From there it travels south to Middle Line Highway where it then runs back west to Deerfield Road.

And here is where the controversy begins.

As proposed, the line will travel north and west, keeping the Northside Hills subdivision to the east and inside the Noyac hamlet. Crossing Noyac Road it would also take in Sunset Shores and Rawson Estates. These would be the western-most communities in the hamlet.

Which does not sit well with Sherri Kiselyak, who is co-chairman of the Noyac Citizens Advisory Committee. The proposed boundary actually puts her home in Glenview Hills, a couple hundred yards down the road, out of Noyac and into North Sea.

“The 2004 hamlet study made a recommendation that was further west,” maintains Kiselyak, who said that study placed the boundary at Whalebone Landing, which will now be excluded. In addition, Kiselyak said her research has shown local surveyors have long identified properties in her area as being in Noyac, and in fact her deed says she lives in Noyac.

But the town says they are actually giving Noyac more territory to the west. A map prepared during the master plan of the 1970s, and used by the town since then, shows the western end of Noyac to be Deerfield Road. But during the review of the hamlets, the town found that there were people who lived west of Deerfield who had 725 telephone exchanges, and sent their children to Sag Harbor schools.

“Their identity was clearly more Noyac,” said Southampton Town Councilperson Nancy Graboski. And the town re-drew the line — receiving the consent of the North Sea CAC — to follow the school district line, taking in all of Northside Hills.

But that still doesn’t satisfy Kiselyak, who said the “service lines” such as school districts and fire districts are not supposed to determine hamlet lines, and the CAC points to the hamlet study which says “the master plan did not do enough to take into consideration the boundaries of individual residential communities…”

At stake is the voice of the community when it comes to town matters, argued Kiselyak.

“We’re shrinking,” she said, “who’s going to listen to Noyac; they’re so small.”

The town is expected to adopt the boundaries at its meeting this Tuesday.