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Owners Have One Month to Clear Boats

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North Haven Village is giving residents one last chance to pick up their boats and small water crafts from the village’s beach near the end of Sunset Beach Road. Previously, the final day was slated for Saturday, October 31, but the deadline will most likely be extended to December 1. According to the board, the beach has been blighted with abandoned boats, kayaks, canoes and other water crafts for several years.
At a meeting in early October, village clerk Georgia Welch said she issued only 17 permits for storing small boats, kayaks and the like at the beach. Welch added that nearly 20 such vessels were being illegally stowed at the site.
By Sunday, October 30, there were only 13 water vehicles at the beach, including four kayaks, two sunfish and three Hobie Cat sailboats. Several members of the board believed they knew the owners of at least three of the vessels.
“It used to be 30 to 35 [boats],” said trustee James Morrissey, noting the situation has been mitigated a bit.
However, trustee George Butts theorized that at least six of those water crafts have been abandoned by their owners. Village attorney Anthony Tohill argued that transporting these seafaring apparatuses off-site would be very expensive for the municipality.
“You can do a resolution tonight directing me to prepare and publish a notice [in the newspapers] … giving [owners] one final opportunity to remove their boats,” said Tohill.
Morrissey asked if the board could auction off the vessels after the December 1 deadline, but Tohill said municipalities typically hold the property.
Resident Gail Gambino is hoping to start a village-wide trash pick up initiative. After noticing an uptake in garbage on village roadways over the spring and summer, Gambino approached the board about backing a volunteer program. Trustee Jeff Sander pointed out that North Haven includes several private residential associations who pay separate dues to keep their roadways tidy. Although the board seemed supportive of the idea, some members said the structure of the program needed to be fleshed out.

North Haven Fed-Up With Abandoned Boats

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On Tuesday, June 2, The North Haven Village Board of Trustees presented a draft for a local law pertaining to boat storage. Once the summer season ends, residents often abandon their kayaks, sailboats, hobie-cats, canoes and dinghies at the end of Sunset Beach Road.
The draft law stipulates that the village will grant boat permits for the storage of boats on village beaches. Once a permit is granted, the boat owner will be given a registration sticker to be placed on the boat. The boat must be removed from beaches by October 31. Boats left on the beach after this date will be considered abandoned and the village will have the right to sell these boats or destroy them.
The village will hold a public hearing on the law on Tuesday, July 7, at 5 p.m.
In addition to legislation on abandoned boats, John Jermain Memorial Library Director Cathy Creedon visited the board to present plans for the library’s expansion, which will be up for a referendum vote on June 29.
Trustee James Morrissey, a self-proclaimed regular patron of the library, asked why the library couldn’t build on the Union Street side of the property to add additional space. Creedeon responded by saying the small stretch of greenery by Union Street is the best position for the library’s cesspool.
Morrissey went on to raise concerns about a lack of parking, especially when the library hosts group meetings and special events. Creedon said a parking analysis revealed there are almost 65 spaces within a block and a half radius of the building. She added that patrons are often more concerned with safely crossing the street — as the library lies at a busy intersection — than finding parking.
Trustee Jeff Sander asked if the library was exploring other sources of funding in addition to taxpayer money. Creedon said she was actively pursuing private donations and grant money.
“A lot of people are waiting until after the referendum [to commit funding],” Creedon said of private donors.
The board appeared receptive to the building plans and referendum.