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Using Your Weight to Build Strength

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Linda Silich demonstrating the TRX equipment at her East Hampton studio. Photo by Genevieve Kotz

By Genevieve Kotz

While most business owners on the East End dread the end of the summer season, Linda Silich, who opened SILICH Core + Strength in East Hampton, which is the only studio specializing in TRX Suspension Training on the East End, is not at all worried.

“I really look forward to the fall and having people realize it’s another option in the fitness world that’s more personable and that’s more tailored to their needs,” Ms. Silich explained.

The SILICH Core + Strength studio, located on Newtown Lane, only opened in April, but it already has a large group following, which Ms. Silich knows will expand even as the months grow colder.

“It’s a relaxed atmosphere, but with an intense workout and a big community,” She said.

TRX, which stands for Total Resistant Exercise, was created by Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick just 10 years ago, but already has a devoted following due to its versatile nature. The TRX Suspension Trainer allows the user to work against his or her own body weight and incorporates strength training, balance and flexibility. The biggest benefit, though, is that it always engages the core muscles.

Moves, such as the TRX plank or the TRX chest press, are done with either the arms or legs suspended with the straps, which are created with the same material as parachutes, that are hung from the ceiling. Each move is done in 45-second increments, with 15 seconds of rest in between. The difficulty level of each move is determined by the angle of the body.

At her studio, Ms. Silich offers both personal training and group classes. The 45-minute group classes, which are open to as many as 15 people and are set to upbeat music, are modified to ensure that they benefit all levels of fitness, from beginner to advanced. She even offers a complimentary 15-minute introduction for people who have never attended a TRX class before.

“It’s for everybody, it’s versatile,” Ms. Silich said, noting that her clients are of all ages and fitness levels. “I have teenagers in the same class as a rocking 50 year old.”

Over the summer, the courses have been especially popular with lifeguards, who need to stay in tip-top shape, and she regularly works with high school athletes to keep them at peak performance. This fall, she is also planning a program with the East Hampton Village Police Department.

As someone who has been a trainer for 20 years, Ms. Silich is able to adapt her classes or personal training to the needs of the clients. With cross-country athletes, for example, she makes sure to incorporate more High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to get their heart rate up and will even take her student to the track to have them do sprints.

She also is aware of how to ensure that her clients are getting the best workout, no matter their mood. “I’m very hands-on and conscientious—mindful of people’s moods. I know exactly how they are when they walk in the door, and every person is different,” she said. “Some people need to be left alone and some people need to be pushed.”

Ms. Silich is often described by her clients as energetic, memorable, and personable. She and the four other group trainers are certified in TRX training, ISSA and AFAA, CPR First Aid and come from a variety of backgrounds, from body building to yoga. In her group classes, she combines resistant stretchy bands, stability balls, and medicine balls as well as moves from yoga and Pilates, depending on the class. She also offers TRX HIIT classes and is planning on including a cardio kickboxing class, which she taught before being introduced to TRX.

Classes are $30 for a single class, but there are also packs of 10 and 20 available with discounted rates. For the summer season, she is also offering a five-pack for people who are not here for long. Her private training sessions typically run $150 an hour and there are 10-packs available for devoted clients. She is always offering different promotions.

The studio itself is tucked away behind UPS and the Golden Eagle on Newtown Lane. The one-room studio is equipped with mats, weights, 15 TRX machines and bouquets of fresh flowers to create a home-y feel.

“It’s a very calming, welcoming environment,” Ms. Silich explained, “I just want it to be a place that people can feel at home.”