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Warming Up Winter

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Finally, an antidote to the cold, lifeless months we on the East End endure year after year.

Though it’s only planned for one day this time around, we’re excited to see the Sag Harbor Chamber of Commerce’s plans for the cleverly named HarborFrost inching closer to being solidified (no pun intended). It’s about time something fun and exciting came along to breathe life into the East End at this time of year. HarborFrost — not to be confused with its late summer “sea-themed” counterpart, HarborFest — is all about embracing the season that is, not the one most people are fondly dreaming of. It shuns the need for sunshine, boldly going where very few Sag Harbor festivals have gone before: outside in February.

And why not?

With ice sculptures, fireworks, local business deals and the potential for a whole lot more, HarborFrost would give local residents a good reason to stick around and actually enjoy another season in the village, well, at least another day. Planned for the shortest (and therefore to our way of thinking, the cruelest) month, the festival comes at a time when people really ought to be given more reason to celebrate and it gives the village a great opportunity to have a little party — and bring a little business to town.

The idea for a wintertime festival has been circulating throughout Sag Harbor for years now. HarborFrost supporters included members of the Chamber of Commerce, the police chief, the fire marshal, local business owners and enthusiastic citizens, all of whom hashed out plans to make this winter celebration come alive last year. But nothing ever came of that enthusiasm, largely because no one was willing to step forward to take the reigns.

So we applaud those members of the Chamber of Commerce who are finally following through with plans to locate interesting winter themed attractions along Main Street and finding a significant portion of funding, and we urge the Sag Harbor Village Trustees to follow the chamber’s lead and support HarborFrost when it comes up on their agenda on Tuesday.

In fact, we encourage all members of the community, business or otherwise, to get involved and put a positive spin and lots of fun on an otherwise gloomy time of year. It will only be as successful as we, as a community, make it.

So this winter, instead of wishing you were elsewhere, wouldn’t it be nice to be happy you were here?