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An apology, an excuse and the future

Posted on 04 September 2008

Apology - I must apologize for not upholding the blogging commitment I made to the Word of John.

Excuse #1 – Some of you might know that I now call Brooklyn home. The month leading up to my departure from Sag Harbor was so emotionally fraught, this blog fell by the wayside.

Excuse #2 – I’m part of the slacker generation.

The Future – If my wonderful editor continues to allow the Word of John to be brought forth to the visitors of this site, I will focus on two topics over the next two months: what I miss about Sag Harbor and the unbelievably patronizing, deceitful and overall sad GOP ticket for this November’s presidential election as well as the talking heads who try to legitimize its agenda.

I’ve been watching the GOP convention this week for one reason and one reason only – know thy enemy. And last night I was appalled, not by Sarah – what’s her name? – [PAY-lin] (after she was chosen as the ticket veep, an email was sent around to party members letting them know the correct pronunciation of her name). No, I was appalled by Rudy September 11th Giuliani. I have never in my entire life, albeit a short one, of watching political speeches seen someone so uneducated about the issues steep to such low levels of character bashing. When he made fun of Obama’s background as a community organizer, saying “what’s that” and lifting his arms and shrugging his soldiers like he had never seen the one noun precede the other, my jaw dropped to the floor of my girlfriend’s Queens apartment. It was like he was a school-yard bully taunting the kid who chose to read during recess. And everyone knows R-u-d-y is a small man, so the Napoleonic complex thing is not hard to grasp. But the direct assault on Obama’s character not only made him sound ignorant, for a former mayor certainly should know what a community organizer is, it also made him look pathetic. And as he said the election would come down to substance not style, he certainly provided none of either, all the while showing a considerable lack of class.

Which brings me to one thing I miss about Sag Harbor – community organizing. Sag Harbor has more community groups than it knows what to do with and while those groups often butt heads, they serve as a reminder of the democracy we live in. I have never lived in a place where people are so quick to pick up a cause and go full steam ahead with such energy and passion. Even if that cause is as misguided as attempting to create lower property taxes by continually blasting a school district and its board.

Sag Harbor is intense when it comes to community organizing, something that Wasilla, Alaska might be able to relate to, though I sincerely doubt it.

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